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FHD engineers are able to carry out an inspection of the equipment to evaluate the condition, carry out any necessary refurbishments and supply any spare parts that may be required. This service applies to all furnaces including those not manufactured by FHD.

At our facilities in Slough we carry a large and extensive range of materials in stock ready for breakdowns and emergencies. The majority of FHD Furnaces are built to customers' specific requirements. Less frequently used spares may not be available from stock, however in the unlikely event that required spares are not available, we have very good working relationships with our suppliers. They understand the requirements of a competitive production environment, therefore they can be obtained and dispatched quickly in most instances. The majority of heating elements, thermocouples and bespoke refractories are manufactured in-house, providing FHD with the ability to cut lead times to the minimum and reduce the cost to the customer. Furnace muffles, stillages, water coolers etc. are manufactured in-house resulting in reduced costs and delivery times to customers.

FHD have modified existing furnaces to meet the changing customer requirements, processes and legalisation. There is also a need to modify elements, thermocouples and various refractories due to material being obsolete or unavailable. FHD have the expertise to overcome these problems, redesign and manufacture in suitable materials not only for the correct temperature, but also for process considerations. FHD are able to supply spare parts of the original design or in some cases, if necessary, a modern day replacement for almost every furnace manufactured by FHD, as we have records dating back to the first furnace built in 1953.

The FHD after-sales service is an impressive feature of our organisation. All furnace details, including drawings, designs and specifications are permanently kept allowing servicing, parts and refurbishment to be supplied quickly and efficiently - with minimum costs and disruption to your production.