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Intermittent Operation

Pusher furnaces are the principle type covered in this section, though also including the walking beam furnace which, while generally considered intermittent in its operation cycle, can also be supplied for continuous movement.

The types and sizes manufactured by FHD in this range are extensive and permit temperature capabilities of up to 1850oC under certain process and atmosphere conditions.

All atmosphere conditions can be catered for, but in the case of the open hearth furnace the type of heating elements used is dependent on its compatibility with the atmosphere, or the reverse.

Where stringent control of the atmosphere conditions is required, virtually all the furnaces depicted can be fitted with entry and/or exit lock systems that can be vacuum or inert gas purged.

Partial or fully automatic programmable microprocessor controlled boat feed and take off systems can be supplied, and can be built 'tailor-made' to specific layouts, with conveyors orientated to suit the individual requirements of the customer.

PC/SCADA management systems are available for gas and/or temperature monitoring or control.