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About Us

FHD Furnaces was established in 1953 and has set itself as a major supplier to the Ceramic, Heat treatment, Sintering and associated industries. FHD provides various services to new and existing customers, not only manufacturing a wide range of electric furnaces, but also providing a refurbishment service and spares on existing equipment and updating to meet modern day process and safety requirements.

FHD has established a reputation as one of the world's foremost designers and manufacturers of high temperature production furnaces, offering an extensive range of equipment and services individually tailored to meet the growing needs of industry.

FHD produces only the highest quality furnaces based on ecologically responsible design - at a competitive price which has attracted major clients from the key industrial centres of Europe, America and China. New projects include advanced gaseous and liquid fuelled furnaces.

nTEC Solutions Ltd acquired FHD Furnaces in February 2002. The owner having previously been an engineer with FHD for 11 years, along with nTEC's background in electrical engineering from PLC programming, SACDA, process control to electrical installations which complements FHD Furnaces to provide an all-round solution.